Tarion Public Consultations for Common Elements in Condominiums


Tarion has announced that it will accept comments on their Construction Performance Guidelines for Common Elements until January 31, 2012.  Tarion completed revisions to the deadlines and reporting requirements earlier in 2011 and their working group has recommended some changes including:

  • new flexibility to amend Critical Dates by mutual agreement;
  • a special form for freehold homes linked to common element condominiums; and
  • better disclosure of closing adjustments.

These recommendations will allow for deficiencies identified in the Performance Audit to be resolved in a fair manner while still requiring the declarant and the condominium board and management to continue momentum towards resolution.

These new timelines and amendments were developed in part to avoid the practice of Condominiums who were refusing to settle claims by not signing off on performance audit repairs and refusing to initiate the conciliation process.

The proposed Major Structural Defect policy is not included in this current set of Guidelines open for Consultation.

Copies of the reporting and deficiency resolution timelines are available in this bulletin.

(Link removed by Tarion) to learn more about the process, to participate and to read instructions on how to submit your feedback.