Condominium Management with Experience and Integrity

Condominium Management Services

Our condominium management personnel are thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of building and property maintenance including:

  • budgeting and accounting
  • physical building maintenance and housekeeping
  • energy management
  • landscaping and exterior property maintenance
  • mechanical maintenance
  • reserve funds & investment plans
  • staffing supervision and administration
  • major project management
  • insurance claims & disaster recovery

Every Condominium Manager at Wilson Blanchard Management, An Associa® Company, holds a valid opens in a new windowCondominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) license, and Wilson Blanchard Management is a licensed Condominium Management Provider in the province of Ontario. In addition, we promote continuing education to ensure all of our staff are well versed in their field to provide the best service to you.

Our quarterly corporate newsletter, the WB Condo Connection, is provided to each of our client Boards highlighting Ontario condominium related articles and educational items

Property Management

Each property is evaluated and provided a trained, knowledgeable manager who works directly to facilitate all aspects of management and has the support and resources of the entire WB Team available to them. Your Condominium Manager has responsibility for your property by ensuring that the daily operations of the property are conducted professionally and that the policies of the Board are implemented in all dealings with owners.

  • Board Meetings – Management attendance at regularly scheduled meetings
  • Inspections – Regular inspections of the property are followed by a written report and recommendations
  • Communication – Notices, newsletters, information packages, etc.
  • Purchasing & Trades – We have developed a recommended suppliers list of contractors and suppliers servicing our clients
  • Manager Reports – A specially developed comprehensive and detailed manager’s report is forwarded every month

Financial Reporting & Services

Accurate and timely financial reporting are essential for efficient property operation. Wilson Blanchard’s financial department is staffed with skilled professional administrators, supported by the leading industry-related computer software and experienced leadership. WB has the resources, experience and integrity to provide financial reporting that you can be confident in.

  • Banking Services – Flat rate banking and very competitive interest rates for money in both operating and reserve accounts
  • Monthly Financial Statements – Completed and ready for delivery by the 10th business day of each month
  • Payment Automation – We offer free opens in a new windowpre-authorized debitopens PDF file to all our clients
  • Unit Tracking – Our software has the capability of tracking all expenses on a unit basis
  • Financial Services – Co-ordination with multiple industry-expert investment advisors to ensure your investment plan meets your needs
  • Payroll – In-house automated payroll system in place to ensure employee records are accurately recorded

Community Management

Effective Condominium Management includes not only managing the corporation but the community as well. Members of Wilson Blanchard’s team of Condominium Managers receive regular training and tips on mediation techniques and communication skills. In addition the members of our executive team are available to assist in the difficult conversations that are required from time to time. Our largest asset is our people and the dedication and commitment they bring to enhancing the living experience of the residents in your community.

  • Communication Tools & Expertise – Including mediation techniques
  • Community Newsletters – In-house preparation of newsletters for your community to ensure your owners stay informed
  • Community Websites – Administration of community websites / owner portals in agreement with the Board
  • Owner Meetings – Assistance in planning and holding owners meetings

Preventative Maintenance

Professional Condominium Management includes a review of the mechanical and physical needs of the corporation to ensure proper upkeep that can be avoided with proper maintenance and planning.

  • Annual Planning Preparation – Development of a customized annual plan for every community we manage
  • Review of Annual Contracts – Including mechanical, landscaping, snow removal, janitorial, etc. and planning for the year ahead
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans – Ensures minimization of unexpected expenses and service outages
  • Access to a pool of professional and reliable contractors that are regularly rated by our Condominium Managers based on service delivery