Our 25th Year in Business…Highlight #14 of 25

25th Anniversary Banner #14

On February 24, 2001, Wilson Blanchard launched our first website at the address www.wilsonblanchard.com. Since then, both Wilson Blanchard and the internet have come a long way – here’s a peek at what our original website looked like.

WB Original Website

Fun fact – many people mistakenly think that they can post whatever they want to the internet and as long as they delete it later, it will just disappear…..not so. Ever heard of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine? This service is a digital archive of the World Wide Web that allows people to visit archived versions of websites – yes, even things that have long since been “deleted” from the internet. So if you’d like to see WB’s entire website (working links and all) as it was from February 2001, feel free to visit the Wayback Machine’s archive of the site at opens in a new windowhttps://web.archive.org/web/20010224230238/http:/www.wilsonblanchard.com/ – and while you’re there, you may want to check for those embarrassing photos you posted (then “deleted”) from your Aunt Bethany’s 75th Birthday Bash to see if they’re still out there somewhere in cyberspace!

In celebration of our 25th year in business, Wilson Blanchard is highlighting our “top 25” – the moments, accomplishments and people that have made WB a success and a great company to work for. This is post #14 in the series.