November 21, 2022

By: Dorothy Moggach, Condominium Manager

In 2021, Twenty Place, a community of more than 650 homes on Twenty Road in Hamilton, connected with a program through the City of Hamilton that uses pine trees for holiday decorations throughout the city. Dundurn Castle, Whitehern, City Hall, and Gore Park were some of the locations that were decked out with live boughs and trees. The city arranged to attend the site, removed the trees, grind the stump and sod in the spring… all free of charge. Not only does this program make for wonderfully festive decorations, it actually saves trees by using those that were otherwise designated for removal for other reasons. For example, last year the two pine trees removed from in front of the Twenty Place Clubhouse were interfering with the foundation, roof and grading so needed to be removed anyway, which would have seen them otherwise go to waste.

While they were on site in 2021, city representatives expressed an interest in maintaining the contact for future opportunities. So, when the Twenty Place Clubhouse Committee decided this year to redo their bocce ball and tennis courts, as well as install an AODA compliant walkway, there was one tree that was going to be a logistical issue. The City of Hamilton was again contacted to see if they could use it – and “Oh Boy” did they want that one tree! Once again, the city managed all of the logistics, and contacted the community’s managers from Wilson Blanchard Management with the final plan. All that was left to be done on behalf of the Twenty Place community was to let the owners know not to park in a designated area during removal.

The city attended the site, hoisted the 2200lb tree up and over the indoor swimming pool and on to a flatbed truck. 

It was then taken by police escort to City Hall where Hamiltonians will get to enjoy it being lit for the holiday season. When the holidays are over, the boughs will be used for the carp wall in Cootes Paradise and the trunks mulched for playgrounds and parks. A fabulous program that the residents and Boards of Directors of the Twenty Place community should be proud to be a part of!

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