September 28, 2020

With continued growth, Wilson Blanchard Management, An Associa® Company is excited to make the following announcements about internal promotions to new roles within the company.
Tara Ciraolo – Director of Financial Reporting
We are very pleased to announce that Tara Ciraolo has been promoted to the position of Director of Financial Reporting. Tara has consistently delivered in her role as Manager of Financial Reporting, working closely with Paula Davis to support the Accounting Supervisors and Administrators. Tara has faced a large workload with so much recent growth but has always remained available to assist any Manager with an accounting issue and supports clients directly to help resolve serious reporting challenges. Under Tara’s leadership, Wilson Blanchard (WB) has maintained extremely high performance in delivering financial statements in a timely and accurate basis each month. We are confident that with Tara’s leadership, the Accounting Teams will continue to strive for professional and timely deliverables even with the challenges that remote and partial-remote workplaces has created. Congratulations Tara!

Jackey Kilpatrick – Manager of Corporate Administration
Jackey has been a long-serving and dedicated member of the administration team at WB since 2009. Jackey’s role has been focused on preparing and managing all new management agreements and renewals and overseeing the transition process for any incoming or outgoing clients but she has never shied away from any challenge or large task like ACMO2000 Certification or the Hamilton record digitization project. We are excited that Jackey is going to be stepping in to fill the vacant role of the Executive Coordinator while continuing on with any aspects of her Corporate Administration role. This really just formalizes her ongoing support of the Executive Team. Congratulations Jackey!

Sean Williams – Records Manager
Sean has excelled in his role as Records Administrator working closely with Jackey on management of client records and coordinating transition of records for incoming and outgoing clients. Sean has been promoted to Records Manager and will continue working closely with Jackey Kilpatrick. Congratulations Sean!

Pauline Janssen – Manager of Information Compliance
Pauline has been an integral part of shaping our policies and procedures surrounding the condo industry requirements related to information certificates and compliance matters such as Records Requests. As our company continues to grow, it has become evident that we need to continuously reassess how these Condo Act requirements are met, especially in our current remote working environment, and to more clearly define the roles within a re-structured “Information Compliance” department, including recognizing Pauline as the Manager of Information Compliance. Congratulations Pauline!

Laura Coulter – Manager of Financial Reporting – Hamilton
Laura has been promoted to the role of Manager of Financial Reporting. Laura has a great depth of knowledge of WB and the condo industry after gaining experience in both accounting and condominium management roles. It is a great benefit to WB and our clients that Laura will be stepping into this leadership position, continuing to share her knowledge and support for both internal and external clients. Congratulations Laura!

Jonathan Neale – Manager of Financial Reporting – Toronto/Waterloo
Jonathan has excelled as both an Accounting Administrator and Supervisor. In his time with WB, Jonathan has used his positive attitude and willingness to dig into any issue to help support our managers and board members. Congratulations Jonathan!

These six recent promotions are just a few examples of the opportunities that exist within a dynamic and growing company like Wilson Blanchard and are a recognition of continued  excellence in providing active customer service to our clients and our internal teams.
Thank you to all staff that remain dedicated and diligent as we strive to serve our clients well, even in the midst of a global pandemic, and congratulations again to the above on your recent promotions!

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