September 19, 2019

Originally published WB’s 2019 Q2 – Condo Connection Newsletter. All archived newsletters can be found on our WB Condo Connection page.

At Wilson Blanchard, we’re committed to supporting our client communities’ efforts to become more sustainable and decrease their environmental impact. Every year, Associa Green recognizes Associa-managed communities that demonstrate their “green” efforts with the Associa Green Seal and awards one community that goes above and beyond with their green initiatives with the Associa Green Award. We gathered the best ideas from our green communities and are sharing our top 10 tips for how your community can go green.

  1. Install energy-efficient bulbs such as LEDs or CFLs for indoor and outdoor lighting.
  2. Adopt a lights off/power down policy for common facilities when not in use.
  3. Increase your energy efficiency by installing solar panels or other passive solar elements
  4. Go paperless by changing to electronic delivery of your Board packages, financial statements and completing the Ontario Condo Act’s Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically
  5. Install electric vehicle charging stations.
  6. Create a community garden and include local flowers to attract pollinators.
  7. Host a locally-sourced farmer’s market.
  8. Offer curbside recycling or designated recycling drop-off locations, and always encourage the proper disposal of hazardous wastes.
  9. Collect organics and yard debris for composting and other beneficial uses.
  10. Create green community education measures such as e-newsletter articles and workshops or programs to cover topics including drought-resistant landscape choices to minimize water usage, and organic and natural options for pest and weed control.

Implementing any of these suggestions is a great way to start minimizing your environmental impact, but imagine if we all went about our daily lives living in a green way – doing things and making everyday choices that are kinder to the earth.
“Operating in a ‘green way’ is the way we do things rather than having a separate vision just to be green.” – Piney Orchard Community Association, 2018 Associa Green Award Winner

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