Condominium Management with Experience and Integrity


Just some of the feedback we have received from our many satisfied Boards…

Pat Addison, President, HSCC #555

‘I am more than pleased with the services we have received from Wilson Blanchard. (Our Condo Manager) is very knowledgeable, accessible and pleasant to deal with. She always replies to questions or requests in a timely manner.  I have the utmost respect for her and the company.  In fact I have been asked twice by board members of other corporations my opinion of Wilson Blanchard and I have always given positive feedback. I have found your financial statement easy to understand compared to the “other” property management company we dealt with prior to Wilson Blanchard. I have dealt with other departments within the company – accounting and night line calls. Both departments have handled questions/problems promptly, and professionally.’

Marlene Marshall, Vice President, HCC #7

‘WB has been our property manager for over 20 years. We are a very proactive board and as such can be quite demanding on our property manager who comes through with flying colours..every time. She is supported by a company who is knowledgeable and articulate in every aspect such as financials, accounting, legal issues etc etc. Even a happy receptionist who takes our calls. We tried the others but WB outshines in every way.’

Paul Spence, President, TSCC #1965

‘My dealings with Wilson Blanchard have been overall very positive. Our property manager is very helpful and knowledgeable as is (our General Manager). I would recommend WB to anyone seeking competent building management. Very Happy.’

Directors of WSCC#18

‘We have worked with Wilson Blanchard for a number of years and are impressed and pleased with our property manager’s knowledge and professional manner regarding the running of a condominium and the latest in condo law reform. She has recommended excellent service contractors and at the same time has listened to our needs and preferences.’

Robin Lane, Director, VCCE Saginaw Condominium Complex

‘We have five separate Condominium Corporations in our complex.  In the summer of 2017 all our Condominium Corporations switched to Wilson Blanchard Management.

I have attended a Financial Seminar at a conference centre, as well as the local Cambridge Office of Wilson Blanchard, and I was thoroughly impressed by both their professionalism and attention to detail.

We have found (our property manager) to be friendly, yet on task, directing our Corporations with care and great attention to detail.

I would strongly recommend the serves of Wilson Blanchard.’

Dennis Kirstine, President, PSCC #688

‘Last week the Board and External Auditor reviewed our audited financial statements for the year ended February 28, 2011. Our Auditor commented that our financial statements are, consistently, FAR more accurate than any of his other condo clients. I would like to thank you and your staff for providing very accurate information on a timely basis. Keep up the excellent work!’

Jamie Harkins, President, T.S.C.C. #1854 (* – name of former management company removed)

‘I am extremely pleased with Wilson Blanchard and how (our property manager) and the rest of your team are running our building. He has done a great job helping us out of a situation of poor management under *. I used to dread running into residents in the elevator as they would bombard me with questions and complaints that * should have been on top of. However, since WB has taken over all the board members have noticed that we now only receive compliments or a lack of complaints when passing by our neighbours. I joined the Board of Directors because I wanted to protect my investment (this being my first home). I am confident that we are in good hands between the board and WB.’

Judy Edleman, President, Northam Mews, Toronto

‘Like many condominiums, we have a unique set of needs and priorities. With Wilson Blanchard there’s no ‘one size fits all’ property management. Our property manager is responsive and efficient, and has an experienced organization with broad expertise to back him up.’

Bob Rideout, President – Lakeforest Condominium, Burlington

‘Competent, proactive and knowledgeable professionalism – that is what we look for in a Property Manager. And that is what our condominium corporation is getting from Wilson Blanchard. Our property manager handles routine matters and unique situations promptly, effectively and efficiently.’

Gord Rees, President – Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 70, Hamilton

‘As President of WCC #70 with 25 years experience as a member of the Board of Directors, I personally recommend the firm of Wilson Blanchard. Their condominium management’s team has always provided our condominium corporation with prompt, efficient, professional service.’