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Our 25th Year in Business…Highlight #8 of 25

25th Anniversary Banner #8

The Year was 1996…

Since opening its doors 24+ years ago, Wilson Blanchard has recognized that the way we treat our employees is reciprocated, not only internally, but externally to our clients. Our continued focus on employee morale has resulted in retention rates for both employees and clients that far exceed industry norms.

In previous 25th year highlight posts we have recognized multiple individuals (Cindy Basilio, Paula Davis & Rob Miles specifically) who were “originals” with the company and still remain with Wilson Blanchard today. The year 1996 saw three more long-standing employees join the team who this year are celebrating 23 years at WB.

Scott Brandreth

On January 1, 1996 Scott Brandreth joined Wilson Blanchard and remains to this day one of our busiest and most in demand portfolio managers.

(Each employee is pictured with Ray Wilson, receiving their 10th anniversary watches, a WB tradition.)

Kim Chiu

Only 15 days later, on January 15, 1996, Kim Chiu joined the team in our accounting department. Today, Kim is our Manager of Payroll & Corporate Accounting, coordinating payroll for both our internal team and our clients’ employees.

Sandy Foulds

Later that year, on October 1, Sandy Foulds moved back from British Columbia to join Wilson Blanchard. 23+ years later, Sandy is also still with WB, now in the role of Executive Director of Condominium Management in our Hamilton office.

Wilson Blanchard continues to recognize that it is thanks to our great employees that we have built such a successful company, and that is why we take this time to recognize and thank them for their continued support throughout our 25 years in business.

In celebration of our 25th year in business, Wilson Blanchard is highlighting our “top 25†– the moments, accomplishments and people that have made WB a success and a great company to work for. This is post #8 in the series.