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Our 25th Year in Business…Highlight #20 of 25

25th Anniversary Banner #20

November, 2011 – Wilson Blanchard Re-brands with New Logo

2011 WB logo

After 16 years with the same look, Wilson Blanchard decided it was time for something new, and in 2011 we introduced our new logo and new colours.

The 2011 look has undergone some minor edits over the years, including the addition of the word “Management” in 2016, and an update when Wilson Blanchard became opens in a new windowAn Associa® Company in 2018, however the look has remained consistent for the past 9 years.

WB Original Logo
Original Logo (1995-2011)
2011 WB logo
2011-16 Logo
2016 WB logo
2016-18 Logo
WB Logo - 1300x1300
2018-Present Logo

In celebration of our 25th year in business, Wilson Blanchard is highlighting our “top 25” – the moments, accomplishments and people that have made WB a success and a great company to work for. This is post #20 in the series.