Our 25th Year in Business…Highlight #2 of 25

25th Anniversary Banner #2
Cindy Sam 191x300 - Our 25th Year in Business...Highlight #2 of 25
Cindy Basilio (left) pictured with Sam Mills during one of WB’s annual Halloween events

On July 3, 1995, even before Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc. officially became a company, Ray Wilson and David Blanchard hired their first employee. Now the Senior Manager of Administration, Cindy Basilio has had many responsibilities over the years at WB. In fact, for a short time she was responsible for absolutely everything – from reception to administration to accounting – as she was the only employee! (Rumour has it she was pretty happy though when someone else was hired to do the accounting the following month…!)

To this day, 24+ years later, Cindy remains an integral part of the Wilson Blanchard team. Beyond her obvious level of experience and constant willingness to help out, Cindy brings to the office a demeanour and contagious laugh that always puts everyone in a good mood. WB simply would not be the same without her!

In celebration of our 25th year in business, Wilson Blanchard is highlighting our “top 25” – the moments, accomplishments and people that have made WB a success and a great company to work for. This is post #2 in the series.