Landscape: A Condominium Asset Overlooked


By: Wayne Klem – Executive Director of Property Management, Toronto

From the WB Condo Connection – Volume 6, Issue 2

We have all seen the various HGTV shows on buying and selling property in the greater Toronto area, and the majority of these are single family properties. The one important aspect that realtors stress when buying property is location, location, location. I think most of us would agree with this point but another also very important factor in selling or buying is curb appeal.

Curb appeal is equally important for owners of condominiums when they decide to buy or sell a unit. The interior of a unit whether it be a high rise or townhome is an important factor in the decision of someone purchasing property, but before they even enter the unit they must saunter through the common elements of the Corporation as they make their way to see the unit for sale. This first impression can positively or negatively affect their decision to purchase unit.

Curb appeal involves many aspects of the condominium property; it includes the state of repair of fences, roadways, curbs, gatehouses and signage along with many other items.

Landscaping is an area of equal importance that enhances the curb appeal of a property. This can be accomplished with contracting a professional landscape company with proper terms and specifications to maintain the landscaped areas of the common elements of the condominium during the spring, summer, fall and winter months. Each condominium has its own requirements, therefore the landscape contract should be tailored to the individual Corporation’s landscape needs; a boilerplate contract may not cover all items required to properly maintain the curb appeal of your Corporation.

Maintaining the curb appeal is not as easy as simply having a professional landscaper; there are many other aspects of maintaining the beautiful appearance of a Corporation’s landscape. In conjunction with a landscape contractor, boards should consider the utilization of an Arborist and/ or a Landscape Planner. These professionals will be able to create a detailed landscape plan of the property categorizing the various species of trees, shrubbery and general plantings.